Report Card Maker Version 6.5

What's new in RCM 6.5

The major changes to version 6.5 from version 6.0 are:

  1. Updated servers for faster and more reliable communications.
  2. New Search and Replace in Comments Utility.
  3. New Principal's Mode Review Status feature.
  4. Subjects in the RCM Gradebook are now customizable.
  5. New "Extra Credit" features in the RCM Gradebook.
  6. An updated iPad Version.
  7. An all new version for the iPhone.
  8. Android compatibility.
  9. Further compatibility for Windows 10 and Mac OS 10.12.
  10. Numerous bug fixes and other general improvements.

Click here for the complete list of changes in RCM 6.

Download, unzip, and install/run. It's that simple.

Note: A login and password is required to use RCM 6. If you do not know your RCM login, contact your principal or your school's technology officer.

  • Report Card Maker 6.5
    for Windows Computers

  • Report Card Maker 6.5
    for Mac Computers


*You can get the RCM 6.5 Installer for Windows unzipped here.