Welcome to ClassMaker!

ClassMaker is an easy, organized way to create next year's classrooms. No more pink and blue placement cards with teacher scribbles all over a room.

ClassMaker works in conjunction with Report Card Maker. There are no additional programs, plug-ins or extensions to install. Access ClassMaker right in Report Card Maker.

ClassMaker uses your existing students and teachers from RCM, which means you don't have to enter student or teacher names and information.

ClassMaker allows you to:

  • Create a customized placement card
  • Edit and store the placement card for each student
  • Define criteria for each classroom/teacher
  • Easily create balanced classrooms
  • Automatically move students
  • Manually move students to fine-tune classes
  • See exact statistics on each classroom (how many boys/girls, how many high/low readers, etc.)


ClassMaker does much more than is described in these pages. For further details on ClassMaker, or to obtain the demo version of ClassMaker, please contact ClearVision Technologies.

ClassMaker requires a separate license. Contact ClearVision Technologies for licensing information.