Using RCM has been an exceptional experience.  It is rare to find a service company so flexible, friendly, responsive, helpful, and customized.  As a parochial school, we teach two completely different curriculums in two different languages and alphabets. We have an extremely complex report card that has been totally customized to our needs. Every time I think there is a problem tweaking the report card, ClearVision finds a way to make it reality.  Our RCM report card is a completely user friendly document.  I heartily recommend Report Card Maker for all schools.

Ellen Wigoda | General Studies Coordinator
Arie Crown Hebrew Day School
Skoki, IL

Being an independent school with assessment based on a developmental continuum, RCM meets our every need. ClearVision helped us create a customized report card that brought our vision to life. I highly recommend Report Card Maker for any school.

Cynthia Gibbs-Wilborn | Head of School
Hanahau`oli School
Honolulu, HI

Report Card Maker has been a dream for our teachers to work with.  If you are looking for a professional, well put together report card that can be customized to your school's specifications, Report Card Maker is the product for you.  The support that ClearVision offers is paramount.  No question is too silly and they are always at the ready to help in anyway possible.

Tanya Balsanek | Dean of Students/Curriculum Resource
Monarch Learning Academy
Winter Park, FL

After a failed start using an SIS and lots of subsequent research, we found Report Card Maker for our Lower School. It is the only report card program of its kind. The customer support has been phenomenal – we feel like it is a true partnership. Any feature that we suggest, ClearVision has found a way to bring it to reality.

Ann R. Bernhardt | Lower School Technology Coordinator
Charlotte Latin School
Charlotte, NC

Our teachers find Report Card Maker very user friendly! We appreciate the customized design available for our report cards along with the quick response time when assistance and training is needed.

Erin Harper | Head of Lower School
Providence Day School
Charlotte, NC

From designing the report cards with us to training the tech team and teachers, ClearVision met our every need.  We attempted to work with other providers, however no one was able to accommodate our unique dual program needs. ClearVision was able to create two versions of our elementary report card that can be used simultaneously.  Report Card Maker exceeded our expectations in every capacity.

Amy Gale
Curriculum Coordinator
Milton Public Schools
Milton, MA

We have been using RCM for several years and absolutely love it! ClearVision has been very supportive, flexible and responsive to our report card requirements.  Their complete customizable approach coupled with very responsive tech support, makes RCM a valuable solution for any school.  I highly recommend RCM for your report card needs.

Edwin Pleitez | Director of Information Technology
Village School
Pacific Palisades, CA

Doing report cards electronically was always difficult on our teachers. After moving to Report Card Maker, our teachers have found that the entire process of completing report cards has become much easier and user friendly. It is one change that we have made that they really enjoy and appreciate. Also, ClearVision is the best provider that I work with. Extremely responsive and open to changes to make the product better for our needs.

Keith Wright | Director, Information and Education Systems
Ramona Unified School District
Ramona, CA

I must tell you. Your software is really slick. I interface with a lot of different software and RCM is one of the most efficient and user friendly platforms I use. It's a joy to have software that is so intuitive and user friendly. Well done!

Duncan Hill | Database Manager
Napa Valley Unified School District
Napa, CA

In the age of electronic standard-based report cards, RCM is a must have for an elementary school. I would encourage any district to invest in this tool. RCM offers a centralized data-base model that allows teachers the flexibility to complete cards from home or school without the hassle of file transfer. As the teacher trainer, RCM Administrator, and technical support desk, RCM has greatly reduced the dependency upon me as a support person and provides the tools necessary for progress reporting in a 21st century model."

Stacey Campo | Instructional Technology Specialist
Poway Unified School District

Has anyone told you lately how great this program is and how much time it saves us? Not to mention that I no longer have an indentation on my index finger from writing through 4 layers of NCR paper. This is great and much appreciated by my entire staff.

Patty Rosales | 1st Grade Teacher
Oceanside Unified School District

Thank you for creating such a fabulous program for teachers! I know any school district will have a great interest in Report Card Maker.

Michael Klos | 4th Grade Teacher
Capistrano Unified School District

The team at ClearVision Technologies is extremely professional and flexible. They have worked very closely with our school to help us create the very best reporting solution possible.

Bruce Terry | Blue Ribbon Award Principal
Irvine Unified School District

Report Card Maker is so easy to use and implement. Teacher's love it! ClearVision's support and ability to customize the program makes it an ideal solution!

Trent Bahadursingh | Coordinator of Technology Services
Little Lake City School District

If I ever move to another district, I'm taking Report Card Maker with me!

Dr. Linda Delgiudice | Director of Research & Evaluations
Santa Ana Unified School District

After the first reporting period using Report Card Maker an amazing and unprecedented thing happened to me, I didn't get one parent complaint about report cards. Thank you ClearVision!

Susan McGill | Curriculum Director
Capistrano Unified School District

With RCM's translated comments, I may never translate another report card again!

Leanor Jones | Bilingual Aide
Laguna Beach Unified School District

You should call this Report Card Heaven!

5th Grade Staff | Springbrook Elementary School
Irvine Unified School District

Besides RCM being so easy to use, it was the perfect tool to motivate my staff to use technology. Our report cards never looked so professional!

Karen Clay | Principal, Foxbourgh Elementary School
Capistrano Unified School District